2 Classic PSN Games, Critter Crunch and Everyday Shooter Marked Down to $0.99

Playstation gamers can get 2 of the Playstation Network’s best games today for just $0.99 each. Toronto based developers Queasy Games and Capybara are dropping the prices respectively on Everyday Shooter and Critter Crunch.

Everyday Shooter is a dual stick shooter that came out for the PS3 in 2007. It’s one of many “art games” on the console, with a unique colorful, geometric style and rhythm based gameplay. Jonathan Mak, the game’s creator describes it this way:

Five years ago I released my first game, Everyday Shooter, in which you play through an album of musical shmups, where every sound effect is a guitar riff or note harmonizing over an all-guitar soundtrack. So as you play the game, it feels like you’re jamming along with the music. Each level/song/track has a different vibe, look, sound and gameplay mechanic — kind of like how songs on an album flow through different moods.

Capybara’s Critter Crunch is a puzzler with a cartoon style. It plays kind of like a mashup of Puyo Pop and Bust a Move. All the characters and backgrounds are hand drawn with a cel animation style. Capybara co-founder and president Nathan Vella talked about its development:

We wanted to make something with the beauty of Miyazaki or early Disney animation, but at its core was a love-letter to games like Dr. Mario & Magical Drop. We wanted to cram it with jokes and charm and character and multiplayer modes you could play with friends or significant others.

These are a couple of great games at a great price, get ’em while they’re hot!

[Via: Playstation]

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