Hands-On With The Verizon Droid Ultra

Earlier today, Verizon and Motorola took the wraps off of the new Droid lineup, bringing a refreshed selection of handsets that aim at their own respective markets. Of the three new devices, the Droid Ultra may indeed be one of the most popular, as it’s ultra thin and ships with a very nice set of specs.

The Droid Ultra features a 5-inch 720p HD display, Motorola’s own X8 SoC, 2GB RAM, 10 megapixel camera, Kevlar casing, and much more.

The thinness of the Droid Ultra is pretty staggering. Sure, it looks thin when you’re looking at it, but holding it really gives you a sense of how thin it really is. Motorola has achieved something pretty great by packing as much as it did into the Droid Ultra, though some features like wireless charging didn’t make the cut due to its thin body.

The use of Kevlar on Motorola Droid devices isn’t anything new, but this time around, Moto chose to add a plastic coating around the Kevlar. The coating give the Kevlar a three-dimensional look, but at the same time makes the device feel cheap. The handset also picks up fingerprints like there’s no tomorrow, but it’s to be expected with this type of finish.

Overall, the Droid Ultra is one of the most sleek handsets ever to grace Verizon’s exclusive lineup.

Check out the gallery below!

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