Incredible iPhone 6 Concept Transforms From Phone To Tablet Via Flexible Screen Technology

With the iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone rumored to be appearing this fall, it’s hard to imagine what could come after the next round of iDevces. A designer named Pritesh Chavan has created an elegant concept of what the Cupertino company could have in store for us in the future. Although the render implements some technology that just isn’t up to snuff yet, the concept is jaw-droppingly beautiful and innovative. This awesome concept iPhone 6 can transform from a phone to a phablet to a tablet with the turn of a screen.

While the iPhone 5S is expected to retain more or less the same form factor of the iPhone 5, Chavan’s render showcases a device that is leaps and bounds beyond Apple’s current design prowess. Not only does the device sport foldable flexible display technology, the device is super thin, way to thin to house the necessary innards needed to function. Moore’s Law states that chip performance should double every 18 months or so, and processors and other components are becoming exponentially more powerful and small by the minute. But Moore’s Law is expected to hold true only until 2015 or so, at which time increases in chip performance could slow down.

Clearly, there is still much progress to be made before this concept could become reality. Not to mention pricing-what would a device like this cost? At a time when Apple isn’t taking any risks with their devices, it is hard to imagine the company would create such an interesting piece of hardware.

All nay-saying aside, the concept is very interesting and innovative, and does contain elements that we are sure to see in the future. Although a device like this may not come anytime soon, there’s no doubt that it is in the cards, with companies like LG and Samsung putting tons of effort into developing flexible screen technologies.  So check out the concepts below, and let us know what you think.




[Via: Yanko Design , Redmond Pie]



  • Manish

    Its awesome. I would love to buy such kind of product at any coast………

  • Pritesh

    IAN KERSEY, Thanks ian for write such a nice blog for my design.
    To see more o my work pls follow the link

  • james

    I would like to be the first person to have this, Please call me on +27797713190

  • Kelly Baker

    Yes, I too would love to have an iPhone 6 hopefully this October, 2014.

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