Sprint to bring its network to 277 NYC subway stations

We all know Sprint is ridiculously behind the two major carriers in the U.S. in coverage, so the company is hard at work to remedy that problem. The Now Network is getting ready to bring its service to 277 subway stations in New York City. Many of the stations being covered in the first roll out are in the Manhattan area. The idea is to have all 277 stations checked off in due time, within a year or two.

“As we build out our new network, adding the vast underground New York City subway system brings a whole new level of connectivity to our customers, whether they’re consumers, public safety representatives, first responders or city workers,” said Greg O’Connor, vice president of engineering at Sprint. “We look forward to providing an enjoyable connected experience for the 1.65 billion visitors and straphangers who ride the NYC subway annually.”

This is a necessary move for Sprint to make, as it’ll soothe the mindset to many of its customers from its post-paid services, and its prepaid companies Boost and Virgin Mobile.

Any of you living in New York City stoked to get all of Sprint’s offerings coming to the subway stations? Let us know in comments.

[Engadget; via Sprint]

  • Willie D

    They need to get their coverage above ground, and LTE even EVDO speeds up to par before they take on another project this size. Underground NYC and 277 stations is a lot. Considering they cant even get the 8 underground stations in San Francisco, or the 3 underground stations in Oakland and 3 in Berkeley worked out with reliable service, I dont know how they plan to get NYC going.

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