In ‘Viscera Cleanup Detail’ You’re the Janitor Who Cleans Up After Space Marines

Most gamers have spent countless hours painting corridors with the guts of vicious aliens, zombies, pig cops or cacodemons. We’ve blasted BFGs into huge crowds of enemies and silently snuck up behind others and slit their throats. We’ve done it to save the world, or recover our loved ones – we acted in honor. With the stakes so high and the dangers we faced, it’s no wonder nobody ever put a thought to tidiness before.  Now Runestorm’s new game, Viscera Cleanup Detail, asks the question “who’s going to clean up this mess?”

It turns out the answer is you, the player. Viscera Cleanup Detail is the first “Space Janitor Simulator” (yes, really!). The Game places you in the rubber boots of the poor soul tasked with cleaning up the rivers of gore still sprayed throughout a space facility in the aftermath of an alien invasion.

To do this you’ll use a futuristic mop thing that looks kind of like a hand or at least a rubber glove that’s partially blown up. You’ll be tasked with cleaning the torsos, heads, giblets, lungs and other parts off of pretty much everything in the facility. Also giant pools of blood. It has those too!

Developer Runestorm has an alpha build of the game downloadable on its site. They’re taking $5 for pre orders, and hoping to get the game voted up in the Steam Greenlight program. So click on over and show them some love. It’s a pretty cool idea.

Check out the description from the game’s site and trailer below!

Disaster! An alien invasion and subsequent infestation have decimated this facility. Many lives were lost, the facility was ruined and the aliens were unstoppable. All hope was lost until one survivor found the courage to fight back and put the aliens in their place!
It was a long and horrific battle as the survivor dueled with all manner of horrific life-forms and alien mutations, but our hero won out in the end and destroyed the alien menace! Humanity was saved!

Unfortunately, the alien infestation and the heroic efforts of the courageous survivors have left rather a mess throughout the facility. As the janitor, it is your duty to get this place cleaned up.
So grab your mop and roll up your sleeves, this is gonna be one messy job.
Today, you’re on Viscera Cleanup Detail!

[Via: Runestorm]

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