Lenovo’s Snapdragon 800-powered X910 caught in the wild

Lenovo's Snapdragon 800-powered X910 caught in the wild

Few days ago we’ve told you that Lenovo is working on its very first Snapdragon 800-powered smartphone – the X910. Now we have few “in the wild” photos to show you which [photos] were leaked at the company’s official forums.

Aside from packing the super-fast processor, the upcoming X910 will also rock a 5-inch full HD screen and dual-SIM capability (at least in some parts of the world). The rest is still a mystery, and the name itself could change before the official launch.

In fact, the “X” in X910 may be a wildcard that depends on the kind of deal Lenovo makes with Qualcomm, Engadget is reporting. At the end, we could be looking at the K910 which sounds like the K900’s successor. That would be a shame since this phone’s plastic body looks kinda cheap compared to the one the Intel Atom-powered K900 boasts.

Hopefully, the end product will look much better and more importantly, be available all across the globe (rather than selling in China, only).

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Yeah, we want more Snapdragon 800 smartphones. 🙂

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