LG G2 Release Schedule Leaked, Coming to Verizon


It looks like the LG G2 news keeps coming. Earlier today, what appeared to be an AT&T LG G2 passed through the FCC. Now a new leak points to the G2 coming to Verizon as well!

Korean news outfit, The Kyunghyang Shinmun has leaked information supposedly sent down from David Jung, LG Electronics CFO. Jung laid out a release window of August for South Korea, September for North America and Europe, and October for all other regions. A different, unnamed, executive announced Verizon as a US carrier partner. This would mean the G2’s coming to the 3 carriers, since FCC leaks point to the LG flagship releasing for AT&T and T-Mobile.

LG has announced an August 7th event in New York City to unveil the new G2, so we’ll find out if all the leaks are founded then. It’s LG’s first “G” phone to drop the Optimus label and its rumored specs are impressive. From the many leaks that have dropped about the new LG, it’s said to have a beautiful 1080p 5.2″ screen, and run a burly new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800.

The phone looks beautiful and all will be revealed August 7th. Do you think it will live up to the hype?

[Via: Engadget]

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