Samsung Developing 3GB RAM Chips, Could Arrive In Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung is developing 3GB memory chips for use in future smartphones, blasting past the current standard of 2GB of RAM. Samsung is developing a 3GB LPDDR3 chip with the size of 0.8mm, making the module small enough to fit in smartphones and other mobile devices. The smaller size of the RAM module will leave some extra space in smartphones that could allow for bigger batteries and the like.

The new RAM chip uses six 20nm-class four gigabit LPDDR3 chips placed symmetrically together, that when activated can provide up to 2,133Mbps of throughput.

“Three gigabyte mobile DRAM will be adopted in the most up-to-date, high-end smartphones starting in the second half of this year – an initial adoption that will expand to most high-end smartphones worldwide next year. We will develop a new 3GB LPDDR3 solutions based on four 6Gb LPDDR3 DRAM chips by symmetrically stacking two chips on each side, which will boost smartphone performance to the next level by year-end.” – Young-Hyun Jun, VP of Memory Sales and Marketing at Samsung

With Samsung claiming that we could see the 3GB RAM modules by years end, we may be seeing flagship smartphones slated to launch early next year coming packed with 3GB of RAM. It is still unknown if having so much memory in a device will have a negative effect on battery life, but we’re pretty sure Samsung will be taking that into account.

Could we see a Samsung Galaxy Note III with 3GB of RAM? It’s a good possibility.

[Via: Android Headlines]

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