iPhone 4 still selling well in parts of the world

iPhone 4 still selling well in parts of the world

Even though Apple launched the iPhone 4 three years ago, it is still selling well in some parts of the world. According to the Wall Street Journal report, the sales are particularly strong in the emerging markets like India where the handset is offered as a relatively affordable alternative to a bunch of Android-based gear. Here’s an excerpt from the report:

Not that selling older models in emerging markets is a new strategy for the company. And it has potential downsides, as lower-priced phones can squeeze gross profit margins.

But Apple, despite its image as a premium player, is adopting more aggressive tactics to sell its oldest smartphone in markets where demand is growing quickly and many buyers have never purchased a smartphone before.

Moreover, the iPhone 4 may also serve as a great vehicle for Apple to bring new users to its eco-system and eventually sell them apps and games, as well as other Mac hardware. And in that sense, the Cupertino-based company may launch a more affordable iPhone model that will come with cheaper components, helping Apple keep its high margins along the way…

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  • PeterSteinbeck

    Or they could just make more iPhone 4 units and sell them in emerging market. 🙂

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