All 640,000 kids in the Los Angeles school district to get an iPad

All 640,000 kids in the Los Angeles school district to get an iPad

As part of what seems as a tech-savvy school reform (or at least enhancement), Los Angeles plans to provide all of the kids in its school district with a free iPad. The rollout started with some 35,000 iPads that were given to students in 47 school districts, the benefit that came with a $30 million price tag. The next step is to give away Apple’s tablet to every student in the nation’s second largest school district. That’s some 640,000 iPads the city will provide to students.

The first rollout of the tablets is being funded by taxpayer dollars, but Mark Hovatter, chief facilities executive for the LAUSD, expects to find additional funding for the rest of the plan. “We’re hoping that will get a lot of private donors,” Hovatter told CITEworld.

This is obviously great news for both Apple and students who will get to benefit from modern learning tools, making their lessons more interactive while preparing them for the “brave new world.” I like the idea, what do you think?

[Via: TUAW]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Great way to prepare kids for the future – get tablets to all of them. 🙂

  • skeptical

    Looking forward to seeing 640000 iPads appear on eBay on the same day..

  • Penguin

    Somewhere, in the USA, a CEO is rubbing his hands.

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