AT&T employee: Galaxy S4 Active isn’t waterproof and warranty won’t cover water damage

An AT&T employee chronicled his Galaxy S4 Active adventures as he dunked it in a fish tank and tried to take a video as part of a product demonstration. Everything seemed fine until the phone started acting wonky a few minutes later. A quick check of the S4 Active revealed that water had seeped inside the phone via the rubber USB flap.

The employee is trained in operating the phone and chalks up his experience to a flaw in the handset that allowed water to leak inside. He warns customers to ignore the advertising that claims the S4 Active is waterproof and tells them not to immerse the phone. If they do, they risk ruining their device. This isn’t an isolated case, a growing number of people report having problems with the phone after they use it in the water.

The kicker in this case, according to Venture Beat, is the fact that Samsung’s warranty for the Galaxy S4 Active doesn’t cover water damage. In the phone manual for the S4 Active, Samsung writes

“This Limited Warranty does not cover: (a) defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt, neglect, or unusual physical, electrical or electromechanical stress […].”

If you use Aqua Mode as Samsung advertises and something goes horribly awry, Samsung is not responsible. If you have an S4 Active or plan on getting one, does this change your opinion of the phone?

[Via xda-developers and Venture Beat]


  • Tojen1981

    I don’t really see how they could warranty it. There’s no way they can prove the phone had or didn’t have all the ports covered when the phone was submersed.

    It would be like Lifeproof saying they will replace your phone in the event it breaks while using their case, yet they advertise people doing stupid things with their cases like dunking it in a glass full of beer.

  • Dan Hallberg

    I understand that people are having this problem, but I’ve washed mine in the sink multiple times now and hand no problems. You just have to make absolutely sure you get all the seals plugged in. Especially the one in the back middle.

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