Exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 Destroys Apartment in Hong Kong

A report from Hong Kong claims that an exploding Samsung Galaxy S4 caused a ferocious fire in an apartment yesterday, due to an apparent battery malfunction.

Galxy S4 owner Mr. Du was playing a game on his device, when he received a low battery notification. Mr. Du promptly plugged his device to a charger, when the unit exploded in his hand. The frightened Mr. Du then threw the device across the room, which then landed underneath a sofa. The flaming Galaxy S4 then ignited the flammable sofa, and the fire quickly spread throughout the entire apartment. Mr. Du obtained burns to his hand, and was treated at a nearby hospital.

Mr. Du and his wife made it safely out of the firestorm, which thanks to firefighters was quickly contained to his unit. Du claims that he was using authentic Samsung gear, such as the battery and charger, and Samsung is investigating the ruins of his apartment to authenticate this claim.

While recent reports of exploding devices placing the blame on the usage of third-party components, this could be the first instance of devices exploding using manufacturer approved peripherals.

[Via: Cult Of Android , Xianguo]

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