“Save Mobilicity” Indiegogo campaign looking to raise $400 million!

Save Mobilicity

If you recall, TELUS was denied the option to buy Mobilicity, leaving one of Canada’s newest carriers out on the market. America’s Verizon Wireless may be interested to chip-in though not everyone likes the idea, Bell Mobility being one of them.

Now we have an interesting idea to save Mobilicity by taking the crowd-funding route. A Toronto resident named “Valya Michael” — who describes himself as a “a very geeky but very productive person” — created an Indiegogo campaign to “help make the world a better place” and buy out Mobilicity.

The idea is to raise no less than CA$400 million in the “save Mobilicity” campaign, $350 million of which will go to actually buy Mobilicity, $20 million to pay off all its debt, and the remaining $30 million to expand the coverage and reception, as well as to invested into cell towers and a call centre.

It’s pretty darn simple, but the figure seems too high to make this campaign a success. You can chip-in cause all the money will be returned if the campaign doesn’t reach its bold goal. Check it out from here.

[Via: MobileSyrup]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    $400 million??? That doesn’t sound achievable….

  • Monsieur Monopoly

    Rogers, Bell, and Telus have hired a hitman to take out Valya… He’s already gone, and so is the project from the Indiegogo website. Sorry folks, they still have us by the nuts and teat.

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