Motorola X in Neon Green caught at the company’s campus party

Motorola X in Neon Green

Well what do we have here – the upcoming Motorola X in Neon Green. Not that we haven’t seen it before; it’s just that this time we see it being used by one of Motorola’s employees. And we like it a lot.

The image above comes from Moto evangelist Guy Kawasaki, who snapped it at the handset maker’s campus party. Kawasaki was quick to remove the photo from its Google+ account as soon as blogosphere started re-sharing it, hinting us this is the real deal.

Also on the picture are two other gentlemen presumingly using black and white versions of the same phone. But we’ve seen those before…

Anyway, I think it’s about time for Motorola (or Google) to officially start selling this smartphone all around the world. Yup, those of us living in Europe hate waiting (who doesn’t?), so please Moto/Google – make sure users all around the globe can grab the Moto X shortly after its official announcement. 😉

Motorola X in Neon Green

[Via: Droid-Life]

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