Snapdragon 600-powered Samsung Galaxy Note II starts selling in China

Snapdragon 600-powered Samsung Galaxy Note II starts selling in China

We’ve told you that Samsung is working on a Snapdragon 600-powered Samsung Galaxy Note II and voila – it’s now available for purchase in China.

As far as we’ve understood, aside from the processor change, rest of the specs are the same and include that big-ass HD screen, 2GB of RAM, dual cameras, a ton of built-in storage and so on.

It is said that the Korean giant opted for Qualcomm’s processor to make sure the Note II can sing along an array of 3G connectivity standards used in China, including TD-SCDMA, CDMA and GSM.

We’re not sure that this particular model (GT-N7108D) will ever “make it” to the West and honestly, we’re not feeling sorry for that. Cause soon enough we’ll get to play with its successor, Galaxy Note III, which will boast even faster Snapdragon 800 processor (or Sammy’s own Exynos SoC).

[Via: AndroidBeat]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Nah, we’ll wait for the Note III.

    • iKrontologist

      Don’t know where you live, but I doubt you have a China Mobile carrier or affiliate or otherwise where you live with a name like Steinbeck. This phone model, which the writer failed to mention, is also 4G TD-LTE capable. The first device with Qualcomm’s Global multi-band radio chip not in iPhones till 5S. Which wasn’t offered on China mobile till now!

      But yeah Galaxy Note 3 is fabulous, but Galaxy Note 2 is better than any other smartphone offered in the World today too! …..S-pen is like a swiss army knife of tools for content creation! ……..way better than than only finger painting like cavemen on cave walls like iPhones! ^_*

  • iKrontologist

    What you fail to mention here is that this Galaxy Note 2 model has TD-LTE and was the first and fastest selling TD-LTE device to launch on China Mobile’s new 4G service. In fact today, since it was launched months before iPhone 5s, it has sold far more smartphones with this exact same Qualcomm radio chip on China mobile than any other smartphone model sold on China Mobile and launched in one of China Mobile’s biggest carrier promotions ever in introducing their official pre-launch of TD-LTE 4G capable phones!

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