U.K. to Pre-emptively Ban Use of Google Glass While Driving

You might be able to use Google Glass in the shower but, in Britain at least, you won’t be able to use it behind the wheel. British magazine Stuff recently revealed that regulators in the U.K. are moving to ban the use of Google Glass when operating an automobile.

A U.K. Department for Transport outlined the agency’s plan to regulate the use of Google Glass while driving :

“We are aware of the impending rollout of Google Glass and are in discussion with the Police to ensure that individuals do not use this technology while driving. It is important that drivers give their full attention to the road when they are behind the wheel and do not behave in a way that stops them from observing what is happening on the road. A range of offences and penalties already exist to tackle those drivers who do not pay proper attention to the road including careless driving which will become a fixed penalty offence later this year.”

Google responded with this statement:

“We are thinking very carefully about how we design Glass because new technology always raises new issues. Our Glass Explorer programme, currently only launched in the US, reaches people from all walks of life and will ensure that our users become active participants in shaping the future of this technology.”

Sorry British Glassholes, you’ll have to remove your gargoyle gear for the duration of your drive time. Of course you can risk it, if you just can’t stop watching that YouTube video but you’ll stand the chance of getting a ticket (aside from it being drastically unsafe).

[Via: Stuff]

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