Verizon HTC One Release Date Pegged For August 15th

The HTC One is one of the best smartphones ever to grace this techy world, and many have been patiently awaiting its arrival on Verizon Wireless. Well, the wait might be over relatively soon, as the HTC One could be landing on Big Red on August 15th.

According to a leaked Verizon document, the HTC One’s launch date has been moved to August 15th, which was originally rumored to launch on August 1st. The carrier has a long history of either delaying or pushing back handsets and software updates to its smartphone lineup, and while the HTC One is still a top-notch device, the delay of the handset may not give it the attention it deserves.

Motorola is set to unveil the highly anticipated Moto X tomorrow, which could also overshadow the launch of the HTC One. If we had a choice, we’d still go for the HTC One, no matter how great the Moto X turns out to be, but customers might be looking towards the new Droid lineup and the Moto X now.

The HTC One rocks a solid set of specifications, including  a 4.7 inch 1080p HD Super LCD 3 display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, and Ultra pixel camera all wrapped in a beautiful unibody aluminium case. No smartphone can match HTC’s flagship device in terms of build quality, and it certainly stands out in the mess of black slabs on a carrier’s shelf.

If you’ve been waiting for the HTC One to arrive on Verizon, mark your calendar for the 15th!

Who knows, the Verizon HTC One might even come in blue.

[Via: Droid-Life]

  • Kwam

    Been waiting for this phone for so long, Now i’m like screw it. Might as well wait for the One Maxx.

    • Brandon

      I would agree about the Maxx, but I’m starting to get afraid that it’ll come out on VZW months after all of the other carriers. Put in a pickle. I’ve wanted a phablet for a long time, but I don’t want to wait another 4+ months for a phone, which is what I feel like would probably happen.
      I’ve held out for the HTC One on the sole factor of the boom sound. I think that in terms of it’s build quality, it far outplays any other phone. I’m not a specs person, and I probably wouldn’t notice all the minor differences between the phones coming out. I would wait for the GNote 3, but that won’t have the front facing speakers. It’s still on my radar though, we’ll see.

    • robie

      Yeah I agree but they took almost 6 months and COUNTING before they even released the HTC One so who knows IF ever and when they would get the One Maxx… so sad I had to leave Verizon for T Mobile because I’m tired up paying a 200 dollar phone bill for one line and not even getting the devices I want

      • Samuel

        Robie you sound like a real winner here. And how much data are you using that for one line your phone bill is 200.00. I am paying for myself and my landlord’s phone access each month,and between the two,I am on the 4G data Share Plan,I barely have paid about 115.00 to 120.00. So Im not really sure what youre whining about. I guess if you want to go to a company that has a lot of dropped calls(Ive been on T Mobile and can say that,with two different phones,both had numerous dropped calls even in a supposed coverage area). I dont get that with Verizon,and namely with my HTC Rezound,I have never had a dropped call,plus the 4G speeds are pretty dang good, better than I Phone,and probably equal to what the DNA speeds are,which was also a good seller on Verizon. Paying less,does NOT always mean you will get better quality. I can pay a few bucks more a month and get piece of mind,no dropped calls,and good phones. I can wait a few weeks for the ONE,i dont eat drink and sleep phones like some of you people on here do.

        • jcal1

          T-Mobile’s 4G LTE isn’t the greatest in most areas. At&T’s is as they have fixed their overage and quality remarkably in the last several months.

        • robie

          Yes you are right, paying less doesmt necessarily mean better but so far I have had LTE coverage and no dropped calls these pass couple weeks with T Mobile, and Im a power user so I needed to be on an unlimited plan with my daughter…so I went from paying for 1 smart phone line and a basic phone line for 206 a month with Verizon ti paying 120 a month with Unlimited everything with T Mobile, not to mention better phone selection. I used to hate T mobile a couple years ago when I left then for Verizon but I can tell that over they have improved their coverage, especially since they turned those on more LTE towers in about a 100 major cities. Verizon just doesnt have a good plan for me since im constantly doing stuff from my phone on traveling with my job so I needed that unlimited plan, and Im not on contract anymore since T Mobile doesnt have them anymore so I can leave whenever I want.

    • jcal1

      I feel the same way – annoyed and frustrated. I will wait for the next “cycle” of new phones in the Fall – but I will move everything to AT&T. Borrow a friends AT&T phone in your area and check it out for a few hours. AT&T is not “spotty” like they used to be. But I am really tired of this “wait and see” game with Verizon. Verizon is using their contracts with customers to keep them hostage to what THEY want you to use. Forget them!!

  • Gordo

    HTC has announced a hardware upgrade before the end of the year. Of course that probably won’t be available on Verizon until next year’s version of the One (M8), Verizon must hate HTC.

  • jcal1

    I highly doubt that the slow release of the HTC one is going to push customers toward the Droid line and the Moto X. What is more likely to happen, and is happening is that it is pushing customers to AT&T. AT&T has almost as good coverage as Verizon, and what coverage they have is generally tested as faster.

  • Iphoneadopteer

    The 15 and no preorder ability? Is this the shoddiest marketing I’ve ever seen. Its like an afterthought for Verizon!

  • pj

    I fully believe this damn game of no release, no info whatsoever is a very strategic (and diabolical) plan by Verizon. If they’d said on June 3 when they announced “this summer” that it would be August 15 (no confirmation, f#%king STILL!!!, who knows when really) a lot of people would’ve jumped ship. They fully planned, IMO, to keep people hanging on so they could release more crappy Droids, and a sub par MOTO X, because their margin is higher. All about money with Verizon, the customer’s wishes come second, as long as it remains profitable.

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