Here’s how the iPhone is made

how the iPhone is made

You’re probably aware that major handset makers are buying parts of their phones all around the world. Many things are bought in China, certain parts come from Korea, and then there are those procured in Japan.

Apple’s iPhone is not an exception, quite the contrary. It is mostly made in China in a factory that hires some 200,000 people. And it only takes 15 days to hire 8,700 engineers in China to manage this huge staff. In comparison, this process would last for as long as nine months in the U.S.

These and many other interesting tidbits are neatly presented in the following infographic, prepared by the good folks of FinancesOnline. Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts about it…

how the iPhone is made

  • Roaduardo

    Nice way to put it all in perspective.

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