Nokia’s Bluetooth “Treasure Tag” will keep your valuables connected to your smartphone

Nokia's Bluetooth Treasure Tag will keep your valuables connected to your smartphone

Nokia is working on a proximity sensor accessory that will work with their Lumia smartphones. According to The Verge, the company will launch a petite Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled “Treasure Tag” accessory to allow users to connect it to their keys and other valuables, and make sure these are never lost or stolen.

This, of course, isn’t the first such product. Earlier we’ve seen the Kensington Proximo Fob and Tag, and Cobra PhoneTag, both of which work in a similar fashion.

Alongside the device, Nokia will also offer the Treasure Tag application for Windows Phone that will let users manage the sensor and locate it when it’s lost. The sensor will be visible on a map as well as through Nokia’s LiveSight augmented reality view.

And everything will work in the other direction as well, allowing users to locate their phone using the Treasure Tag — simply press a button on the Tag and the phone will start beeping so you can easily locate it.

Treasure Tag will be unveiled as soon as Nokia’s Lumia smartphones get Bluetooth 4.0 + LE support, which should happen in the next few weeks. Moreover, it is said the Finns will also launch some other accessories following the rollout of the so-called Amber update for the Lumia range…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Big company like Nokia could make this fly… and bring the technology to an “Average Joe.”

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