Sprint To Launch Moto X With Lifetime Unlimited Guarantee Plan

Although Sprint hasn’t mentioned a release date for the Moto X, the company confirmed today that it will be offering its Sprint Unlimited Guarantee with the device. This will allow customers to lock in plan rates at a bargain price for the duration of their stay on the network.

Sprint is offering two plans that can be used with the Moto X, the Unlimited, My Way and the My All-In Plan. The new rate plans provide unlimited talk, text and unlimited data starting at $80 a month. The Unlimited, My Way plan lets customers mix basic and smartphones in one plan, and save money on their plans by adding more devices. The All-In plan gives Sprint customers unlimited talk, text, data and 5GB of mobile hotspot usage for $110 a month.

That’s great news for customers who would like to grab the Moto X when it launches in the near future. Check back with us for updates regarding the availability of the hot new handset on Sprint’s network.

[Via: Sprint , The Droid Guy]

  • dave

    The unlimited data is nice, however, unlimited data does not include what they call”premium data” which current sprint customers pay an extra $10 a month for. According to their “acceptable use policy” under “unlimited data”, ( don’t confuse unlimited data with premium data where the new plans are concerned, because they are different. Premium data is tv, music, ringtones, aka downloading large files and streaming.) If you use consistently large amounts bandwidth, the result will most likely be throttling down the bandwidth under the new “unlimited data” restrictions. You will still get unlimited amounts of data, just at much slower speeds. I am going to keep my 450 anytime with unlimited premium data for now. It seems that Sprint is setting us up under new contract restrictions to pile more customers on the same number of towers and making it doable because they can now dictate what type of data receives the different download speeds. I think in the end, the result will be no more unlimited data plans though, so I will definitely keep my eyes on this one and see what others have to say.

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