AT&T’s Pantech Discover, Samsung Galaxy S3 getting OTA updates as we speak

AT&T's Pantech Discover, Samsung Galaxy S3 getting OTA updates as we speak

AT&T has started rolling out over-the-air updates for two phones from its portfolio, Pantech Discover and Samsung Galaxy S3.

The former is getting its very first serving of Jelly Beans, bringing along a number of platform improvements such as Google Now, improved actionable notifications and Project Butter enhancements, making sure the device runs faster even after the update process is completed. Previously, the Discover was running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

As for the Galaxy S3, it’s getting Android 4.1.2 along with a number of system tweaks and changes. You may have to download the 220MB-heavy file over Wi-Fi though some folks reported being able to get it through LTE. We suggest taking the “Wi-Fi route” to make sure the process is completed as fast as possible.

And whether you’re updating the Pantech Discover or Samsung Galaxy S3, make sure that your device has enough battery to keep the phone alive until the end (of the update process).

  • Cory Ducey

    iFans blaming Samsung in 5…4…3…2…

    • KingTreon

      blaming them for….?

      • Cory Ducey

        Anything…seems that if there are delays to updates, it’s Samsung’s fault for not getting them to carriers…seriously saw this on a blog…

        • KingTreon

          I don’t get what that has to do with “iFans” Doesn’t that mean iPhone fans? if so, what does that have to do with Samsung & Updates lol.

          • Cory Ducey

            That would be my point…iFans as in iPhones, iPads wow that I would have to spell that out. Trust me when I say that there are some that would actually blame Samsung for the delay in the updates…quite amusing, really…

  • disqus_0DvjPGmqim

    at&t blows donkey balls

  • chickenhead69

    My ota update never work

  • CarmelleSimone

    Thanks, I just go my update and didn’t know what was going on until I read your article.

  • Angela Bryant

    mine hasn’t come thru yet although the other day it seemed like it was trying to update but failed. I called att but the rep claimed there was no firmware updates…att does truly blow donkey balls..

  • dorisamar gonzalez

    i have my phone rooted, wll updating it unroot my phone?

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