New Nexus 7 coming to the UK on August 29th?

New Nexus 7 coming to the UK on August 29th?

Previously we’ve heard that British users won’t be able to get the new Nexus 7 before mid-September. However, Google’s newest tablet may just make an appearance in August, with online tech chain Ebuyer claiming it will have the device ready to ship by August 29th.

That, of course, doesn’t tell us when Google will start accepting orders directly though we can’t imagine they’ll be the last to join the fray. Quite the contrary, I would assume they’ll be selling it even before Ebuyer gets a chance to do so. Or so we hope.

Again, the Nexus 7 II comes with a higher-res screen (than its predecessor), faster processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro), 2GB of RAM and so on. Moreover, it rocks Android 4.3 out of box which packs a number of improvements compared to the previous version of the platform (4.2.x).

[Via: Eurodroid]

  • Flaggy

    This “news” about Ebuyer appeared about the time that the PC World/Currys pre-order did. And their respective anticipated shipping dates.

    Within a day or two of the Google press conference 21 July.

    Already seems like a long time ago.

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