T-Mobile won’t be carrying the Moto X in stores at first

T-Mobile confirmed to AllThingsD that the carrier will not stock the Moto X in stores at launch. Customers who want the Google-backed handset must head to Motorola’s online storefront to make their purchase.

AllThingsD reached out to T-Mobile after it (and Verizon Wireless) failed to release a press release with launch information about the phone. AT&T and Sprint, it should be noted, both trumpeted the benefits of the Moto X phone on their networks after Motorola’s big announcement yesterday. When asked,  T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert told AllThingsD:

“The Moto X optimized for T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network will initially be available through Motorola’s channels,” Sievert told AllThingsD. “We do not plan to stock Moto X devices immediately in our stores but are working closely with Motorola to make the Moto X a great experience for T-Mobile customers. Any news about distribution in our stores would come at a later date.”

AllThingsD also reached out Verizon Wireless for information on their plans for the Moto X, but the carrier did comment.

[Via AllThingsD]



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