Apple re-emerges as the world’s most valuable company!

Apple re-emerges as the world's most valuable company!

Apple keeps riding high, and it managed to regain its top spot as the world’s most valuable company. The Cupertino-based boys managed to out-Exxon the Exxon for the 1st place and we congratulate them (and their shareholders) for this major achievement. It’s much better to have a tech giant at the top than one of the companies that make Earth less livable place.

It’s interesting to note that back on August 10, 2011, Apple’s market cap was $337.17 billion, nowhere close to the new high of some $416 billion.

Some 16 years ago, Michael Dell suggested Apple to close its shop. Who’s laughing now?

[Via: TUAW]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Kudos to Apple!

  • bob

    After your sentence of Exxon making earth a less liveable place I tuned out. It is amazing how much garbage ends up in blink feed.

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