AT&T’s HTC One gets small update with “LTE Enhancements”

AT&T's HTC One gets small update with LTE Enhancements

AT&T’s variant of the HTC One is getting a petite maintenance update as we speak. As such (maintenance update), it doesn’t add a lot of new things to the mix, quite the contrary. It is said that this release is all about LTE enhancements which should (obviously) increase your upload and download speeds. Moreover, we’re hoping that some performance and stability tweaks are also included in the new firmware, version 1.26.502.15.

According to this XDA thread, we’re talking about a 245MB-heavy download, so you’re better off “pushing the button” while connected to your local Wi-Fi hotspot to make this a seamless process. Also make sure your HTC One’s battery is fully charged to have enough juice for a successful update. Good luck. 😉

  • Heath

    I just got an update this morning but mine was only for 20.0MB any idea whatthis was?

    • And I got an upgrade this morning–but it was a 100-something MB download. I don’t even know if it installed correctly. And my firmware version still reads 1.26.502.12

  • awakenosiris

    I have the Developer edition but no update.

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