Facebook Cover Feed comes to standard Android app, though you’ll need the Facebook Home-compatible phone to use it

Facebook Cover Feed comes to standard Android app

Facebook updated its regular Android app to include Cover Feed to the mix. No longer will this be a Facebook Home exclusive feature, allowing more users to get access their social network data even without unlocked the phone. According to Facebook, many of the Home users were doing this so why not provide this option to the wider audience.

The problem, however, is that your smartphone must be one of the Facebook Home supported ones, leaving many users without this capability. The good news is that the company keeps adding new devices to the list, with their latest batch of phones including the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Nexus 4. So presuming you have a Facebook Home-compatible device, do you want your Facebook feed displayed on your lock screen?’

[Via: TheVerge]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Neat to have your feed on the lock screen.

  • Bonedatt

    Tried it, looked sleek but I really don’t like news feed as a lock screen so I disabled it.

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