BlackBerry Z30 is the next BlackBerry’s flagship, not A10

BlackBerry Z30

Well what do you know – the device we’ve been calling the BlackBerry A10 aka Aristo will actually be called BlackBerry Z30. That name makes much more sense since this phone shares DNA with the Z10, adding a slightly faster processor (1.7GHz) and bigger screen (5-inch) to the mix.

The latest BlackBerry 10 OS leak ( has few hidden files from where CrackBerry caught the name – there’s a listing for “ID 8c00240a, STA100-1:Z30 BlackBerry Z30:Touch.” In addition, there’s seemingly legit Z30 logo that popped up on the Interwebs, as well as various images and tutorial videos which have been extracted from the OS 10.2 leak.

Now it’s all about having enough patience to wait for the official launch, which as far as we’ve heard is slated for November. Not sure why few additional months are needed, but what do I know…

BlackBerry Z30

  • PeterSteinbeck

    BlackBerry needs a phone with a bigger screen

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