Canadian carriers team-up for the Fair For Canada campaign to show Verizon as the greedy incumbent

Fair For Canada

Canada’s major operators have teamed-up to launch the Fair For Canada campaign that voices discontent about the government’s move to treat Verizon as a new entrant if the US operator decides to purchase Wind, Mobilicity or both. The campaign argues that Verizon could get an unfair advantage of regulations that favor new entrants to the market.

Rogers, Bell and TELUS are all saying they’ve been building out their networks and hired local staff extensively, while Verizon may not take that route.

I can see their point of view and I don’t think Verizon should be given an easy ride. On the other hand, let’s remember that the government had to interfere to force Canadian networks to stop their practice of three-year contracts. And honestly, they could’ve done so earlier. Now they’re afraid Verizon could eat their lunch. Sure enough, the incumbent networks invested billions in infrastructure and paid a ton in taxes. But again, Canada was the only country in the developed world (as far as I know) that pretty much required three-year customer contracts… What do you think the Canadian government should do?

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  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m not from Canada but I can see what local carriers are talking about. Giving any advantage to Verizon is just not fair.

  • bigpoppa

    Time for the Big 3 Monopoly to accept the fact, competition is coming to Canada!

    How many jobs do The Big 3 outsource overseas? Their job creation argument smacks of pot and kettle.

    Bring on Verizon! We need a competitive telecom market in Canada. This is the only way its going to happen.

  • Nicole

    This is the BEST thing to ever happen to Canadian Wireless services. Having lived abroad in USA and Australia it is very easy to see how Canadians have been getting ripped off by their own for years! I hope Verizon comes in and smokes them to finally give Canada fast affordable service it has been needing for years. I also hope they teach the Big 3 a lesson that’s long overdue. LONG LIVE VERIZON!!!!

  • darren burchill

    I f the big three had any concept of customer service they wouldnt be at all worried get ready for the rush to verizon.

  • Irnesto

    I have been listening to all the ads on the radio about how
    Verizon entering Canada is a bad thing. In my opinion I am sick and tired of
    the Big 3 complaining about something not being fair. Well Bell, Rogers and TELUS
    let me tell you, life is not fair. If we want to talk about fair Canadian
    consumers should sue Rogers, Bell and Telus for price fixing/gouging. Rogers, Bell
    and Telus instead of complaining why don’t you start competing and offer
    Canadian consumers a fair deal by dropping the plan prices.

    The Big 3 only have one thing in mind and that is making
    record profits, they don’t care about consumers never will and never have. The
    Verizon opposition simply comes from fear of losing record profits and is a well-crafted
    complaint trying to make consumers feel sorry that the big 3 will not be able
    to rake in more record profits.

    If the big 3 cared about customer and lower plan prices
    maybe Canadian consumers would sympathetic toward you but I am sorry to say I
    don’t to feel sorry for you and I hope prime minister does not listen to your corporate
    bs and rule in your favor. The claims that Canada pays less for cell phone
    plans are simply not true. Having a chance to work with diff carriers in us and
    around the world I can tell you Canada has the priciest cell phone plans in the

  • uche

    When did these Canadian companies start to fight for canadians? And why didn’t they leave a space for comments in their “fair4canada” campaign? Bc the people they claim they are fighting for wont support them. I AM A CANADIAN AND I SUPPORT VERIZON DEAL.

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