HTC Releases Teaser Vine Video: Is The HTC One Max Coming Soon?

Holy Vine action, Batman! HTC has released a Vine video today, which is clearly a teaser for an upcoming HTC device. Included in the Vine is the message, “Big Things Ahead.” So what could that be? Well, the HTC One Max of course! Or so we think.

The video introduces a few new taglines for HTC, “Here’s To Change” and “Happy Telephone Company.” While the video doesn’t actually show any new devices being used, it follows a man flying above a city in a helicopter, promptly high-fiving a buddy with a blazer as soon as he lands.

While signs are pointing to this Vine alluding to the HTC One Max, Phandroid is claiming that they received a tip saying that HTC has something else entirely up its sleeve.

We’ll have to wait and see what HTC has in store for us. In the meantime, enjoy the Vine video!

[Via Phandroid]


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