HTC One headed to Verizon on August 29th with exclusive blue color?

The HTC One, as nice of a phone as it may be, still hasn’t arrived on Verizon Wireless quite yet. It was first supposed to arrive on Big Red on August 1st, then its release was delayed to August 15th, and now according to a PhoneArena¬†tipster it’s being pushed back again until August 29th.

Apparently, Verizon will be getting a special treat though. It turns out that the rumors are almost certainly true at this point that the carrier will sell the HTC One in an additional blue color. The blue will be exclusively sold on Verizon, but the other colors will be available there as well. The image above is the leaked blue HTC One from @evleaks. It seems like a bit of a dull color though, personally I would have preferred an electric blue shade.

It’s probably a bad move to continue delaying this phone for Verizon especially since its been available on other carriers for a while. It’s bad for Verizon and it’s also bad for HTC because people growing impatient will either just buy the HTC One on a different carrier or simply buy a different phone altogether. Do you think the blue color makes up for the delays?

[via PhoneArena]

  • Kmac

    Will it make up for delays???? Heeeeellllllllllll……!!!!

  • Tired of Waiting

    AT&T seems to get all the new phones well ahead of Verizon. I think it is time to switch carriers.

  • TRF

    Sprint is looking better all the time. just waiting for them to get 4G LTE in my area. th eupgrade is currently be worked on.

    • vyrtigo

      Don’t get your hopes up. I signed up with Sprint last September in Portland, OR with promises of LTE and still have dial-up speeds in 90% of the metro area. Stay away from Sprint.

  • Mark D.

    I am going to ATT today my wait is over.

    • Munchma Quchi

      Exclusive first look at Verizon’s blue HTC One

  • GeekBuster

    nope cause HTC really needs to make up for sales and delaying for a blue phone when the carrier signature color is red sounds stupid and people will eventually buy the S4 instead of waiting.

    • Bach Baby

      That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m up for an upgrade next week and was going to get the HTC one, but if they’re just going to keep this up (this still isn’t offical, maybe it will be sep. 29th) I’m getting the S4

    • LockeUp

      Red looks like shit. I’ve waited since February to get this phone. I can wait a little longer (albeit pissed the **** off). It will be in silver as well which I like better but if this phone is not on Verizon by the end of the month I’m switching to AT&T

  • Annoyed and Over It

    I’d rather have an exclusive feature rather than a stupid “exclusive” color. Thanks for nothing Verizon just launch the phone, the excitement has been thoroughly ruined.

    • lacima44

      Absolutely right…. I don’t like Blue anyway … I’m sick of Verizon Wireless… why they have to test the phones for so long… they need to upgrade most of the junk Phones they have right mow… Lol Bye Bye Verizon ….

  • Dana Bialashewski

    They just want to make sure that they sell plenty of pos droids. These guys suck balls.

  • Charles Jennings

    I 100 percent think big red is waiting for the 4.2.2 to hit everyone else in the states. but who knows.

  • brian

    F#%k the blue color.

  • Nick

    I fell in love with the HTC One as soon as I saw pictures of it, however at the time it wasn’t coming to Verizon, and when they announced that it was coming to Verizon it had already been two days after my upgrade became available, so I decided to wait. It’s now two months after it was announced, and Verizon hasn’t said shit. I’ll be waiting until the 15th, and if Verizon says nothing, I’m going with the Galaxy S4.

    • Chris Con-FizzleFry

      I feel the same way…especially since my Incredible 2 just got a fancy new smashed screen…if the One isn’t out by the 15th then it’s S4 all the way…such a shame, was so excited for this phone and to continue using HTC…the blew it big time

    • LIZ


  • Former Verizon customer

    Did you seriously ask if a color would make up a delay in market of about 4 months when a smartphones popularity usually runs the course of less then that? ..This is the last straw verizon. Maybe I’ll join you again in 2 years when my At&t contract expires. Rather pay the extra $20 a month to a company that actually covers all the aspects of being a cellphone company. Rather than just the area coverage and speeds, oh wait At&t’s 4g LTE is actually faster. Adios verizon

  • i left verizon

    I left stupid Verizon and got a 64gb HTC one on att…it’s so worth it.

    • Candice Rodriguez

      That’s what I should have done, instead, I decided to stick with Verizon and switch from an Iphone 5 to an S4. Now I’m regretting it. I really wanted the HTC one.

  • Why are you waiting for this?

    Why are you waiting for this phone? My ONLY reason is because I have a Pioneer AVR so I want the One for the HTC Connect feature. Otherwise I would have made the move to the GS4 a loooong time ago.

  • frustrated

    I called Verizon today as soon as I heard that the HTC One release had been pushed to August 29th. I asked if they had any idea when the HTC one would be available for pre order or for sale. I informed the Verizon rep that I have two upgrades available on my account and that if the one wasn’t available soon we were considering moving to at&t. The rep did some research and found that the HTC one was in stock and available for sale. He entered the information necessary to upgrade both phones but when he tried to process the order it wouldn’t go through. He even told me the price. He said it was $149.99 with a $50 rebate. He tried several times to process the order but it still wouldn’t go through.

    • LockeUp

      I know it is in the system at Costco starting at $149.99. No idea on a rebate though. There is no date on it yet but there is a price. They won’t sell it to you without it being actually in stock.

    • Brian

      I just called Verizon, rep said no release date, period.

  • Jess

    Deff not going to make up for it. I tried the S4 but can’t hear when people talk to me. I’m hearing impaired so, I’m hoping the boomsound headset will work better.

  • Tony

    Color mean nothing to me. Who cares about the blue HTC One. I be happier if Verizon was to give out Beat audio headphone with the phone.

    • Riddles

      Beats suck, they would make the launch even more worthless than it is now… And I’m not a hater, I have a pair of studios (bleh).

  • Aaron Easler

    Welp, that officially means I’m not buying the phone I’ve been drolling over for 4 months. What a joke.

  • dave

    Not only no, but hell no. so sick of waiting. yet another screwed up launch by Verizon..

  • jamie

    I really wanted this phone but when Aug 1 came and no HTC ONE I went ahead and got the S4 and I thought I would not like it but I have to say the S4 is a pretty darn good phone. I was looking forward to the boomsound and the low light pictures with the HTC but after getting the S4 and comparing it to my friends HTC one the S4 takes way better pitures especially when you zoom in. The only thing the ONE does better is low light pictures. They both are the same as far as speed goes. So I would say if you have been waiting and want to get the S4 instead of the One then do it you will be happy

  • jamie

    The reason I got the S4 was so I could mess around with it and when the AUG 15 release came for the HTC One I was going to take the S4 back and get the one but I will be sticking with the S4 now. I do feel like hardware wise it is a much better phone. Maybe not built as well but if you drop any phone from a good distance on a hard surface it’s going mess it up. So I just got a otter box for the S4 and couldn’ t be happier. But I will say that Verizon’s coverage is second to none. I travel a great deal and I have always had 4G were some with at&t and other carriers don’t even have 3G coverage. Just saying maybe instead of switching carriers because you want a 6 month old phone you should compromise

  • toyotatundra

    Good thing for me that my contract expires at the end of August with Verizon. I like the network and all, but damn they seem to always be last with new phones. And under the guise of “thorough testing.” Too much too late Bid Red – see ya!

  • Norm

    By the time Verizon comes out with the HTC One, all the other carriers will already have the HTC Two!!

  • I’ve moved on to Nokia

    I was waiting for the HTC One to arrive too. Got tired of waiting and ended up going with the Nokia Lumia 928. The phone/ operating system has been great and I don’t regret waiting.

  • Rich in SA

    I’ve been patiently waiting since May, June, July, Aug 15th. Well I’m done, off to AT&T. You’ve tried my patience’s too long Verizon and lost a long time customer.

  • Willing to wait!

    I am also eligible to upgrade two phones, and have been anxiously waiting for this release. My plan isn’t up until November, so I am willing to wait a few more weeks for these phones rather than jump ship and get hit with an early termination fee. I really don’t understand why so many people seem impatient for a new device?!? :shrugs: Some other carriers may have it, but their networks still suck balls. It’s like owning a Lambo and only being able to drive it in city traffic. It’s cool to have it, but you can’t get the most out of it. My GF will love the blue, and I’ll be happy to not mix ours up (since she thought she’d have to get black). If the $149.99 has any truth to it, then it’s icing on the cake!

    • pj

      If you like the blue, don’t you mean your boyfriend?

  • Todd C.

    I am tired of waiting, I may just get the G4 and call it a day

  • I’m verizon and i suck

    Later Verizon, its been terrible.

    P.S. The blue looks terrible. You cheap A-holes should have forked over the extra money for the red version.

  • Iain Foshay

    So I got off the phone with a high level tech support guy in Verizon and he stated FIRST WEEK OF OCTOBER!!!!!!

  • Guest


  • blank

    That probably means it’ll be ready for pre-order Aug. 29 and actual ship and stock date will be the September 5 date that was in the photo initially released a while back. Rumors were around just to try to maintain hype. This sucks!

  • Verizon Wireless

    I work for Verizon and dates are always simply speculation until Verizon announces a firm date. All of the rumored dates were never released by Verizon. I think it is funny the way people react. Hasn’t anybody learned that when Verizon goes to launch a phone they take pre-orders at least a month in advance? If it is not available for pre-order (such as the HTC One) then there is still a while to wait. The HTC One announcement and training event is today and starts around 7pm in which I am going to. I would expect that pre-orders will START either tomorrow or within the next week. Verizon takes longer to release devices because they have to make sure the devices are compatible with their network currently as well as with future projects that are in the works.

    • SM

      If you work for Verizon, then you should know how miserable your service is. Seriously, it really speaks to how money grubbing you are that you held off on this phone because of the junk products you had left over from last year. I’m another customer who is leaving you and going to ATT for this phone. You should feel lame about the work you do and frankly, should be embarrassed to come on this board and slam people for being ‘funny in how they react’.

      • klutch14u

        Well he/she has a pretty valid point. That’s EXACTLY why these guys avoid “rumors” like the plague. The do nothing but build up steam and before you know it people act as if THEY said it to begin with. Anything they do would just stoke the rumors so they stay silent. Now you’re all pizzed off at them.

        I too have been waiting like crazy for this phone. I just hope I haven’t wasted all this time and it’s ONLY available in blue. I’m not a teenage girl, I don’t want/need a phone with a flashy color and won’t buy it if it is only blue.

        • charlie

          Just because they’re rumors doesn’t excuse the delay. It was launched on AT&T April 19 – nearly 4 months ago. Let’s not pretend that Verizon didn’t have access to the phone for their extensive ‘testing’ before then – cdma or not.

          • klutch14u

            I agree, completely. I’m not letting them off the hook for not having it but holding them to the fire for other peoples rumors isn’t fair either.

    • guest

      I hope you are for real!!

    • Samuel

      You know SM,you,and a lot of you idiotic people on here are just a bunch of idiots that get ticked off when YOUR phone that YOU want to come out does not come out when you want it to come out. Big whoop it hasnt been released. Verizon has not promised an actual release date yet. And yet some of you say Verizon has cheap phones. Oh really? Name some of them. Sprint has “cheap”phones,so does A T&T,so does T Mobile,so try a better argument than that people,because some of you dont know anywhere near as much about phones as you THINK you do. Last time I checked Verizon has well over 500 areas where there is 4G coverage. Can Sprint match that? Can A T&T match that? Can T Mobile match that? No,actually none of them can. Oh ya,and my almost 2 year old Rezound,came with Beats Audio headphones,which blow away just about any pair of headphones out on the market,plain and simple. I never have dropped calls,my 4G speeds have been at least 25-30 mbps,now how many phones can match or beat that? Really not very many,if that can. Speaking of reactions SM,yours is a classic idiotic response,pretending to know everything about phones while most likely knowing very little. If you actually did the research on more than 2 or 3 phones you might actually learn how well they either do or dont work on each network.

      Really get tired of some of you whiners,blah blah blah,boo hiss,really its quite amusing. The One is better than I Phone,better than Droids,better than Galaxy S4(ya,ive checked reviews on this one too). If Verizon did not promise any actual dates for the One release,than what are some of you squawking about? Seriously,makes me wonder what some of you do during the day aside from wasting your time posting stupid comments because a certain phone hasnt been released yet. HTC One will still be a good phone on Verizon and will be among their better sellers.

    • Verizon Wireless

      Well the event was a disappointment for me. I was expecting them to reveal the official launch date but instead it was simply just a training session for Verizon Employees. We did get to play with the Verizon edition of the phone and learn what Verizon is having HTC Change to the device but it isn’t all that much. They did say that Multiple colors would be available and that they originally were not even going to carry the One and were going to launch another device “DROID DNA 2” but after many many many customers feedback decided to go ahead with the One. It is going to come out with Android 4.2.2 out of the box with enhanced software features exclusive to Verizon Wireless. The hardware will be the same though.

  • george

    This is the last straw. Unless it launches with some amazing upgrades I’m passing on the HTC One. I’m not waiting so I can pay full price for old hardware along with a $30 upgrade fee. This is what happens when a company is the best and they know it. I’m going to AT&T, who needs the best network when free WiFi is just about everywhere you go?

  • Candice Rodriguez

    I’ve been waiting so long for the HTC one! I’ve had an Iphone for 4 years and wanted to try something new, so I settled for an S4, big mistake. The extra features on the phone do not even work all the time and the lag in texting and web browsing is annoying. I don’t understand why people made such a big deal over this phone. I know people who have the HTC one and I’ve used it and I have no complaints. I’m hoping the HTC is released soon so I can get rid of the S4 and all it’s extra gimmicky junk.

  • cellhead

    I’m not really a fan of that shade of blue but I will still consider getting it and there’s no way I switch to AT&T, they have the worst network and customer service, Verizon has the best!

  • cellhead

    I agree, the electric blue would have been far better!

  • Ben Waiting

    Due to the delays, Verizon better be sure to release this phone at an awesome price point for new activations. I’m thinking they owe us a $99.99 price with $50 mail-in rebate.

  • dave445

    AT&T just fired up LTE in our area last week. Me and my 3 lines are headed there right now. I’ve had enough of Verizon and there delays in introducing phones and updgrades!

  • paul

    To the person who said the GS4 lagged and the features don’t work I have S4 and was also waiting on the HTC one until it got crazy with the rumors and now 6 months later no HTC one. So I compared both side by side and other than the phone build quality they are pretty much the same phone. Except the camera on the S4 takes way better pictures. Only at night the one is better but how many times are you going to be using it at night. Also they have a aluminum back you can get for the s4 that makes the phone pretty darn sweet and makes it feel almost identical to the one. Also I have never had mine to lag one time. I hated Samsung phones until HTC and Verizon forced me to get one and now I am glad I did.

  • me

    verizon does extensive testing on all their almost positive they found something causing an issue

  • brandon

    I know Paul is right about the ones camera. My wife has the one and my Samsung s3 takes better pictures. The low light is alright but how many times are You going to use it. Over all after comparing the one to my brothers S4 I would have to go with the S4 just seems like it is faster and Verizon will support it.

  • joe

    Me to Paul I thought samsung phones just were crappy phones because of how they feel but after waiting for the htc one and being disappointed by all the delays I to decided on the Galaxy S4 because it was the best other option on verizon. Never considered leaving verizons because everybody else sucks coverage wise I have had them all and especially at&t and sprint their customer service sucks so bad and spotty coverage. I did use a htc one for a few days on at&t and really liked the phone. I thought it did take pretty good pictures and the feel and speed of the phone was nice. So I did want it but on verizon. Well when they dropped the ball and kept delaying I did look at other options and a co worker had the S4 and let me mess around with it at lunch and wow what a mistake for me to think these phones are crap. Second to none in my option now and now that I own one and have really got to use it man it is a nice phone.Speed wise it is alittle faster than the htc one but that may be because of verizons better coverage but when it comes to over peformance their is no comparison its just a way better phone. The camera is better than the ones espically when zooming in picture still looks sharp and you can still read text on signs even when zooming in so I really don’t know what the hype is, if you want a phone the best one out is available right now and verizon is backing it and it is already running 4.2.2, or mine is so really it is a no brainer.

  • Ronbo

    Verizon coverage is so much better in my area, I have no choice but to wait. ATT may have the hotter phones earlier, too bad their service sucks.

  • Jimmy

    I’ll pass now that they took way to long for a color…I don’t bite on chicken scraps..They would have had to do something like add a car charger and an otter box for me ..Not a special Color…lol…The Iphone 5s is looking like it is going to be the next phone I g with..

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