The Humble Deep Silver Bundle Adds 3 More Games!

Last week we reported on a great bundle deal from Deep Silver and the Humble Bundle. Now it appears the Deep Silver Humble Bundle is adding 3 more games to the already awesome package. Risen 1, Sacred Citadel, and Metro 2033 have been thrown into sweeten the pot. If you’ve already grabbed this bundle, you’ll be able to get these titles as well. If you haven’t picked up this crazy deal yet, do it now!

This bundle has already made over $1,743,395.91 from the sale of over 353,000 bundles – with a chunk going to charity!

For anything over $1 you can land Steam keys for Sacred 2 Gold, Risen 2: Dark Waters, and Saints Row 2 and 3. If you part with the titanic sum of $4.95 or more, you can get FPS sleeper hit Metro 2033, Risen 1, Sacred Citadel, all the DLC for Saints Row 3, AND you’ll get Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition (with all of its accompanying DLC).

If you’d like all of these titles as well as recent favorite Dead Island: Riptide, just spend $25 or more. $25 is about what you’d spend for a used copy of Riptide alone, so it’s a great deal on a recent hot game – with a metric crap-ton of classics thrown in. As usual, Deep Silver’s included fun extras like the soundtracks for the games  as well.

We’re big fans of the Humble Bundle here at IntoMobile. Since its first offering back in 2010, the Humble Bundle has provided a model for crowdfunding that’s a win for everyone involved. The consumer gets a great deal on a selection of games, the game creators are compensated directly, and charities such as Child’s Play get funding. Also, you can choose how much of your donation goes to each, as well as the “Humble Tip” which funds the continued work of the Humble Bundle folks with convenient sliders.

It’s worth pointing out that this bundle is Windows only, and you’ll need a Steam membership since purchasing the bundle will net you Steam keys for the downloads. Unfortunately Deep Silver’s games aren’t compatible with Mac or Linux.

Check out the description and a trailer for the bundle below!

The Humble Deep Silver Bundle

Nine wild games and a load of DLC. Pay what you want and get the urban warfare adventure Saints Row: The Third; the open-world action-adventure game Saints Row 2; the swashbuckling fantasy action RPG Risen 2: Dark Waters; and the hack-and-slash RPG Sacred 2: Gold Edition. If you pay more than the average, you’ll also receive the survival horror RPG Dead Island: Game of the Year EditionSaints Row: The Third – The Full Package which includes a bunch of DLC, the horror first-person shooter Metro 2033, the heroic action RPG Risen, and the vibrant action-packed brawler Sacred Citadel. And if you pay $25 or more, you’ll get the sequel to Dead IslandDead Island: Riptide.

Fire it up on Steam for Windows. Buying the Humble Deep Silver Bundle gets you the games for Windows through Steam (system requirementshere). For your listening delight, you also get a collection of DRM-free soundtracks in lossless (FLAC) and/or MP3 formats!

Pay what you want. All these unbelievable titles and soundtracks on their own would cost about $230, but we’re letting you name your price! Only $1 is needed to get Steam* keys, and beat the average to get Dead Island: Game of the Year EditionSaints Row: The Third – The Full PackageMetro 2033,Risen, and Sacred Citadel. Pay $25 or more and additionally receive a key for Dead Island: Riptide.

*Note: This bundle is Windows-only and provides Steam keys only.

Support vital charities. Choose how you want to divide your purchase: between Deep Silver, World Vision, the American Red Cross, or the Child’s Play Charity. And if you’re liking this promotion, a tip to the Humble Bundle is greatly appreciated!

[Via: Humble Bundle]

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