Instagram 4.1 lets you import videos from library, straighten photos

Instagram announced an update to its app today that brings improvements to the functionality of both image and video uploading.

Starting off by fulfilling one of the biggest requests since the addition of video, Instagram is adding the ability to import videos from the library. If you filmed a video ahead of time from the Camera app (or other third-party app) you can go into video mode on Instagram and choose to import that video rather than filming a new one. If it’s longer than 15 seconds, you’ll be able to trim the clip down to that time frame by picking which 15 seconds you want to keep.

Another feature new to Instagram 4.1 is for photos. In addition to having the familiar grid toggle to help manually prevent slanted photos, there’s now an automatic straightening button. Tapping that will have Instagram straighten the photo for you instantly. You can also use the slider to rotate the photo to your own liking as well.

Lastly, Instagram 4.1 expands video support to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which Instagram says “has been the Android community’s number-one request.”

The free update is available in both the iOS App Store and Android’s Google Play starting today.

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