Beutifully Weird Japanese Game MA. YU. MO. RI. Now in English on iOS and Android

Smartphone users, there’s a new casual RPG in town. This one has a very unique style. MA. YU. MO. RI. has been popular in its native Japan and it’s finally been translated to English.

The game has a lovely, claymation inspired style and great music from Kumi Tanioka, who’s known for his work on Final Fantasy 11, among other things. You follow a fairly linear path made up of squares (sort of like a board game). Certain squares will contain resources, story moments or enemies.

The battle is truly unique, you aim an arrow with the touch screen at a spinning disk made up of the different flowers you’ve collected. Depending on what you hit you’ll attack, heal and use status effects. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen but, weird as it sounds, it totally works and it’s a lot of fun.

The translation isn’t perfect by any means but it’s understandable enough to advance the simple story, and it appears to be a least a little better than the Google Translate mess in the  announcement from the Google Play Store (below).  Also, be sure to check out the trailer at the bottom of the page!

The first 3 episodes are free, so grab a copy for your iDevice or Android now!

=== you can play “MA.YU.MO.RI” in english!! ===
Healing RPG “MA.YU.MO.RI,” gotten great popularity among women has finally achieved to be played in English!

Shot the arrow, and release the power of flowers!

We made this appli so that you can enter, going on a journey in a picturebook.
We would be happy if you enjoy your journey in the lonely world with a bow and archery, and flowers.
And feel the scent of flowers and winds in “MA.YU.MO.RI (a cocoon guardian) World.”

Only Japanese at a present.
English version is coming soon!

Theme song “Song of MA.YU.MO.RI”
– Vocal: Megumi Ida
– Lyrics: Masahiro Kataoka
– Composers: Kumi Tanioka
– Basic scenario: Free, (3 scenarios)
– Add scenario: Pay, (4 scenarios released)
We have plans to deliver additional scenarios.

*Up-to-date information
– You can get the latest information on our website or on Twitter.
– Http://
– Twitter account: @ studio_REEL

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