Google Maps For iOS and Android Updated With Local Ads

Good news or bad news? We’re not so sure yet. Google has updated its iOS and Android Google Maps app to include local advertisements when using the app for directions.

Google Maps will now display relevant ads at the bottom of the screen when a search is conducted. If a user deems the ad interesting, they can swipe up to see more information such as a link to directions, photos phone number and more. Users can also save the business information, share it with a friend or launch the navigation feature.

Since Google is first and foremost an advertising company, this move is not too shocking. It could be annoying however, but if Google plays their cards right the ads could actually be useful to the end-user.

We will surely be seeing these ads popping up on Android and iOS devices soon. What do you think of them? Are they annoying or helpful?

[Via: PhoneDog , AdWords Blog]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    noo…. ads in my Google Maps… on the other hand that will keep the service free. something’s gotta give.

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