T-Mobile CEO John Legere: a rebel with a cause

John Legere took over as CEO of T-Mobile USA in September 2012, and it’s been a roller coaster ride ever since. Legere emerged out of the shadows earlier this year with a startling presentation at CES during which he called AT&T’s network “crap” and lambasted capped data plans. He promised he would turn the wireless industry in the US upside down, and he is doing just that with his Uncarrier initiatives. Amazingly, Legere hasn’t even been at the helm for a year, and he is already being called the “most dangerous man” in wireless by CNET.

CNET points to Legere’s strong telecom background and his personable approach when talking to the public as two factors that are helping him influence the future of wireless in the US and turn T-Mobile around. He also brings “energy and excitement to the company,” says Neville Ray, chief technology officer for T-Mobile, to CNET. He is a compelling ¬†leader whose antics are getting people to talk about T-Mobil again.

You can read more about the man behind the myth at CNET’s website.

[Via CNET]




  • Willie D

    It’s T-Mobile not T-Mobil, and John Legere isn’t the most dangerous man in wireless because his company still doesn’t allow for non-family plans to have the low-deposit method. So he is only catering to existing users and users with credit scores high enough to go to AT&T and Verizon anyway. When he hits Sprint’s deposit levels on individual plans, then we will discuss him being dangerous.

    • Weston

      Wow you are totally wrong on everything. Do some research.

    • Paul Smith

      Hey, Uncle Willie. You sound like a person with very bad credit.

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