Rumor: PS Vita Systems will be $199 at Target

Beginning August 18 and running through August 24, Target will be running a $199 promotion on all PS Vita systems.¬†¬†According to a leaked Target advertisement obtained by Blu-ray Forums, Sony’s handheld will be available for a big discount for one week.

Gamespot reported on the Blue Ray Forums leak, saying the ad clearly stated “all PS Vita game systems” will be marked down. The Wi Fi only version of the PS Vita currently retails for $250, while the 3G model goes for $300. Sony and Target have yet to comment on the leak, or whether the promotion is real or not.

The PS Vita’s sales have struggled, and the handheld received a price cut in Japan last February. However, Sony said in February that no price drop would be coming for North American PS Vitas, citing exchange rates and other reasons.

Sony released the Vita in Japan in December, 2011 and it came to the Unites States in February, 2012. It’s generally been outsold by Nintendo’s 3DS, despite being considerably more powerful. The PS Vita has been amassing a library of great titles over the past year. So if this promotion happens, it’s a great time to grab yourself one!

[Via: Gamespot]

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