Sony Xperia Z Ultra Hits FCC – Could Be T-Mobile Bound

Sony Xperia Z Ultra coming to Hong Kong later this month

The Sony Xperia Z Ultra just strolled through the FCC with a handful of LTE bands in tow. Bands 2, 4, 5, and 7 are all accounted for, but the addition of 1700MHz HSPA support may point to a T-Mobile USA release for this particular model.

T-Mobile currently offers the Xperia Z as a carrier exclusive, and the Z Ultra may get the same treatment. Then again, there certainly could be more devices to hit the FCC with different bands.

The Xperia Z Ultra rocks a massive 6.4 inch HD display, along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB RAM, and much more. We recently saw some shots of the phablet next to the latest Nexus 7 tablet, and the difference in size between the two is minimal, yet the Ultra is easily the sleekest of the two.

The Xperia Z Ultra is one the largest phablet around, and while it’ll certainly be too large for some people, it’s still an attractive device with a solid spec sheet.

If this particular model of the Z Ultra does indeed land on T-Mobile, will you grab it?

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  • Tojen1981

    Would be a sweet device for content consuption paired with an unlimited data plan given that its basically a 7 in tablet.

    • Dustin Pelc

      My thoughts exactly!!! This is THE dream machine for 2013!!!

  • I want, and I’m getting!

  • F Ktuna

    Sweet! Hope this is true!

  • Hoopgroundzero

    I’m looking forward to getting the Sony Xperia Z Ultra at T-mobile ASP.

    • Gigi Jacobs

      Yes, me too. But when will that happen as I bought an LG 9 in the meantime for I cannot stand ATT-not to mention I don’t get an iota of signal at my home office where I am 90% of the time. It’s got to be T-Mobile or not at all.

  • vikings football

    i am getting this if it does come to tmobile…can toss out my LG9 and my new nexus 7.2013. i have unlimited data with tmobile and im tired of having to use my phone to tether to my tablet. now i’ll be able to use my unlimited data on a screen that is basically a 7 inch on a smartphone…NO MORE TWO DEVICES AND NO MORE TETHERING FINALLY!!! the z ultra will be my all-in-one mobile device (phone, tablet, computer)

  • Alex

    when it comes out i will be the first to pick it up!My huge hands cant wait!

  • JustinTheGreat

    6.4 inches… Bigger than most guys thingamabobbers…

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