Nokia’s Extras+Info app updated with Call and SMS filters

Nokia's Extras+Info app updated with Call and SMS filters

Nokia released an update to the Extras+Info app to include Call and SMS filters. Unfortunately though, new capabilities will only work with devices running Windows Phone 8 GDR2, which at the moment means only Nokia Lumia 925. Other Lumias will follow shortly as soon as Nokia launches its Amber update.

The new features work as simple as they should. Simply add numbers to the blacklist, and watch calls and text being blocked. Don’t won’t to fire-up the app all the time to see the blocked stuff? No problem – you can pin the information as a Live Tile to the Start screen, showing how many calls and SMS have been blocked. Pretty cool when you think about it. And something Microsoft should’ve included in Windows Phone right from the start, I would add.

The application is free to download but again, the chances are it won’t work for you… except if you own the Nokia Lumia 925. Or when you get that Amber update…

extras+info (FREE) [Windows Phone Marketplace]

[Via: WPcentral]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It’s strange that this didn’t come included with Windows Phone…

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