O2 and Vodafone launching LTE in the UK on August 29th, Three – by year’s end


EE is the only mobile operator in the UK to offer LTE services, but that will change soon. Two other carriers, O2 and Vodafone — both vowed to fire-up their 4G networks on August 29th, while Three will do the same by the end of the year.

O2 will start the rollout with London, Leeds and Bradford, with additional cities getting their 4G signal later in the year. The unfortunate thing (for O2’s customers) is that the network runs on 800MHz, meaning that some devices like the iPhone 5 won’t work. Then again, we’re sure the next version of Apple’s handset will be able to sing along this frequency just as well. Price wise, we’re hearing that LTE plans will start at 26 GBP per month.

As for Vodafone, its 4G service uses more standard frequency, making sure iDevices can work right from the day one. The Big Red carrier will sell its plans starting from 26 GBP per month and that price will include unlimited voice and text with 2GB of data. If a user gets a device with 4G connection, he or she will have to commit on contracts that include tariffs of at least 36 GBP per month. That plan would offer unlimited voice and text with 500 MB of data…

  • Frank

    Vodafone will operate on 800 and 2600, both of which are NOT supported by iPhone 5.
    So, iPhone 5 will not support LTE on Vodafone UK either. Cheers.

  • G

    LTE on iPhone 5 will only work on EE and 3 networks because they run the 1800Mhz band. Vodafone and o2 will operate at 800Mhz which will offer greater range and more stable connection, which is only unfortunate if you were daft enough to buy an iPhone 5.

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