V-Moda Metallo iPhone 5 case review

There are many cases to choose from when trying decide what will cover your phone. What I try to advocate here on IntoMobile is cases that offer both the best durability and looks. The V-Moda Metallo case for the iPhone 5 answers the bell on those two pressing issues. The company’s mission is for all of its Metallo cases to defend your smartphone without compromising on style, which is something most folks have a hard time finding. With this offering, V-Moda brings style, solid feel, and lightweight portability to the table.

This case is specially designed. The Metallo is a single aluminum metal slab that is machine milled and laser-cut by way of an intricate design process which requires a full hour to complete each case. Crazy. This is no joke as I felt the awesome feat of engineering in my hand when testing. What I loved most about the aesthetics of the Metallo was the cool and unique V-ANGLE design along with the ability to switch out back plates.

Now you can’t talk about the Metallo case without mentioning V-Moda’s other product called the Vamp Verza. This item is important to discuss because it explains the reason behind the design choice of the Metallo case. The Vamp Verza is a universal docking headphone amplifier, digital-to-analog converter, and battery pack that goes on the back of the Metallo case. Furthermore, this would explain why the aluminum case comes with an extra back plate and Allen-wrench, as both are used to complete the assembly.

I do like the case. However, I do wish it were a bit more slim, rounded, and less square. But the design choice isn’t at all bad, as I do respect the fact that V-Moda tried to go their own way and not copy the look of a million other cases.

The asking price for the Metallo case is steep, as the company wants $101 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 versions. Customers get to choose a variety of colors such as Red Coral, Silver Snake, Orange Serpente and Black Mamba.


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