Hack Allows Vine Users To Create Videos With Footage Shot From Outside The App

Instagram may be new to the video game, but it does offer a few features that its biggest competitor, Twitter’s Vine, lacks. Last week, and Instagram update brought users the ability to create videos with footage shot from outside of the app. Vine lacks this ability officially, but a new hack detailed by the team over at Wired allows Vine users to use video from a source other than the Vine app.

The Vine hack brings Vine videos into a whole new realm, allowing users to shoot, edit and compose their videos without being limited to the in-app features. That leaves a lot of room for a bevy of special effects, improved video quality and even the addition of sound effects.

If you’re into uploading some super artsy Vine videos, head on over to Wired and check out their in-depth how-to article.

[Via: Wired]

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