New iOS App ‘Commercial Break’ Alerts You When the Commercials are Over

If you’re watching live TV, a commercial break is a great time to take care of brief tasks. Once the ads starts, you’ve got a couple of minutes to shoot off an email, take out the trash or (let’s be honest here) grab another beer and some chips. But you always run the risk of taking too long and missing bits of your favorite show. Now a new app, Commercial Break, has your back.

Commercial Break syncs with the TV broadcasts and sends you a push notification when the commercials are ending and your program is coming back on. You just let the app know what you’re watching and it does the rest.

It’s a great idea, and it works well. Unfortunately, the app is very limited at this point.  Commercial Break currently only works with ten channels in New York City, and three (ESPN, ESPN2, and CNN) everywhere else in the country. If you ever watch those channels this is absolutely worth the download. But, for now at least, it isn’t particularly useful for most folks.

While it’s limited for now, the developers are working on including more channels and regions. The app is free “for a limited time” on iTunes, so now is a good time to grab it. Here’s a little more info:

Break free from TV commercials !

We will let you know when your program is back from commercials.

Commercial Break (CB) is a mobile app that lets you watch TV without the agony of watching commercials.

It’s Easy!

When you’re watching TV and commercials come up, you can be totally free to change channels, go to the kitchen or do anything you like with YOUR time during commercials.

Don’t worry about missing the return of your show. We got you covered!
We notify you, the moment your program returns from the break.

How does it work ?

Let’s say you’re watching a movie on TV. Launch the app on your smartphone,choose your channel and tap “Start”.

When the movie cuts to a commercial break, you can go to the kitchen and grab a snack and a drink, change channels or even turn the TV off!

The moment the commercials are over, we’ll send a notification to your mobile device that your program is back.

You can now return to viewing the movie, without watching a single commercial.

It’s also great for live sports –
Let’s say you’re watching the Lakers game. There’s a time out.

Perfect timing to get a beer from the fridge and switch a channel to watch some more sports!

We’ll let know immediately when the Lakers game is back. Now that’s cool!


Currently supported in the US only, primarily in the New York area, more locations coming soon !

* Free for a limited time

[Via: iTunes]

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