Nokia Lumia 1020 headed to China on August 15

Nokia is bringing its latest flagship the Lumia 1020 to China on August 15th. The 1020 has been available for $299 on contract in the States on AT&T for a few weeks now. So the word is folks in China will have to shell out 5,990 CNY (about $980) to China Unicom, according to ePrice. This sounds like an insane price tag for a smartphone, but this is what typically happens in other countries.

Now it’s no doubt that the Lumia 1020 is an awesome piece of hardware, which isn’t a surprise to most considering how great of design company Nokia is. The 1020 gives you an above average processor, screen, along with industry leading camera technology. So what’s not to like? The problem with Nokia according to most, is the fact that they’ve attached themselves so closely with Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile OS, and has refused to venture into the world of Android.

Of course, having the ability to sell your phone in the country with the largest population (over 1 billion citizens), can definitely reap some benefits for a company struggling to keep up with its bottom line. In the end, it’s hugely important for Nokia to expand its top-notch device to any country it can, especially given how they’ve constantly handcuffed themselves to bizarre AT&T exclusive deals.

Unfortunately, there are no leaks on when the Nokia Lumia 1020 will hit the United Kingdom. But once it hits, it’s sure to grab some attention from hardcore Nokia fans and photography purist.

[ePrice; via WP Central]


  • Cosmin Petrenciuc

    Lumia 1020 will be available in UK starting with 5th of September. And O2 will bring Lumia 1020 with 64 GB in UK starting with 1st of October.

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