Drync allows iPhone users to scan and buy wine in seconds!

Drync allows iPhone users to scan and buy wine in seconds!

There’s a new iOS app for wine lovers like me. Called Drync, it allows users to scan a bottle, learn something about that wine, and instantly order it. Yup, it’s like “Shazam for wine” and I love. I would love it even more once it’s released for Android, and that should happen soon.

As you would imagine, I’m not the only one excited about this app. Drync LLC managed to secure $900k “to expand fulfillment and marketing, and further develop the product.” The money came from angel investors, including Mark Hastings, managing partner of Garvin Hill Capital Fund; financial industry executive Jack Remondi; and Andrew Moss, founder of BuyWithMe.

The free to download application can identify more than 1.7 million wines, featuring highly accurate image recognition technology that not only works on wine bottle labels but also with wine labels in magazines, billboards and on computer screens. There’s also the text search capability to find wines by name, ability to share wines with friends on Facebook and Twitter, and you can also submit unmatched labels for human curation. The best part is coming soon – personalized and social recommendations that will effectively turn Drync into Pandora for wine. Crazy or what? 🙂

Drync – Scan and Buy Wine You Love (FREE) [iTunes link]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Awesome app. Can’t wait for the Android version…

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