Sprint to get exclusive red HTC One beginning August 16th

Today Sprint announced that it will offer an exclusive ‘Ruby Red’ HTC One tomorrow August 16th. This is the Ones’ third officially released color in the U.S. to go along with its silver and black versions. Nothing will change on the pricing, as the red HTC One is expected to hit Sprint’s retail chains and online site at $199.99 on contract, $549.99 off contract.

In addition, the Now Network has also decided to include this new red version into its buy one, get one free promotion starting on the same day. The promotion starts on the 16th, but ends at the end of the month on August 3o. Moreover all Sprint branded HTC One’s comes with a built-in NextRadio app that brings new customers, giving them interactive FM radio on the go.

Strangely, Sprint’s press release seems to focus more on the NextRadio app than the unique red colored One. Talk about having your priorities in the wrong place.

“Our customers already enjoy listening to a variety of music apps on their smartphones, but NextRadio makes it easier than ever to interact with the local radio stations they enjoy listening to in the car virtually anywhere,” said Fared Adib, senior vice president-Product Development, Sprint. “Marking another innovation milestone for Sprint, our partners at NextRadio are transforming the FM radio listening experience by allowing users to interact with their favorite radio shows by calling or messaging directly from their smartphone.”

Do you still use FM radio apps to help consume the music you like?


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