Play Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive Games in Your Browser!

Sometimes, you just need a Sega fix. Sometimes you’re hiding out in your cubicle at work, or at home “paying bills” and the need overcomes you. There’s just something addictive about the blast processed goodness of the console that did what Nintendon’t. For those times, a new website has got you covered! has a Flash version of what appears to be every Sega Genesis (or Mega-Drive) game ready to play. On the site you’ll find everything from Arnold Palmer Golf to Zero: The Kamikaze Squirrel, with a whole bunch of Sonic, Golden Axe, and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine in between. The Genesis had so many incredible titles and the site puts them all at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, there only appears to be keyboard input. Sadly there is no gamepad support, as excellent as that would be (*sigh). Also, since the games are presented using flash, iOS devices can be counted out as well. While Android users may be able to spoof an amalgamation of the keyboard controls, it does seem that the site is optimized for use within a browser on a desktop or laptop computer.

We’ll see how long this site lasts. Sega’s still making money on several of the games here, so the company can’t have given the permission for free web versions of its games to be made available. Classic Genesis games and modern sequels can be found on iOS and Android devices, the Virtual Console shop on Nintendo systems, Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Store.




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