Walmart launches “Gadgets to Gift Cards” trade-in program

Walmart launches Gadgets to Gift Cards trade-in program

Just before the new iPhone launches in early September, Walmart unveiled its own trade-in program to benefit from users who will sell their old gear to get Apple’s latest gizmo. Called “Gadgets to Gift Cards,” it will accept all kinds of devices — not just phones — including MP3 players, video games, cameras, computers, and other select electronics.

While you may not get the top dollar for your old gear, you will be able to get a Walmart card in seconds and then use it to buy whatever you want from the retail giant. Simply select the device you want to trade-in, enter its condition and “push the button.” Before you know it, you’ll get a Walmart card code that can be used either online at or at any Walmart store across the country.

In order to make this happen, you’ll have to pass a credit check first. Then you’ll have 10 days to send your device to Walmart and you’ll even get a free shipping label to do so. Make sure you don’t miss a deadline cause being late will cost you money (and credit points).

As for how much you can get for your old gear, some examples include: Walmart will pay you $225 for the working iPhone 4S, $175 for Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB and $250 for an iPad… Check out “Gadgets for Gift Cards” and see if it can work for you.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    You’re better off put your old phone on eBay. Though this is easier…

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