Audi launches augmented reality owner’s manual app

Audi eKurzinfo

Let’s face it – most drivers never read car manuals, which more often than not tend to remain in the brand-new condition even after few years. Audi is aware of this and is doing something to make these manuals more interesting (and interactive).

To that end the car company released a new augmented reality iOS app for its A3 car that serves the same purpose. Simply point your beloved iPhone to some element in the brand-new Audi A3 and get all information about it.

The application can recognize over 300 individual elements of the car, and using it you can easily figure out what each indicator light stands for. Heck, you can even pop the hood and point the app at the engine only to learn about engine’s components, and get instructions how to replace the cooling fluid.

Developed by Metaio, the application is free to download but you will need a new Audi A3 to use it. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Audi eKurzinfo (FREE) [iTunes link]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    This should come as standard with all new vehicles.

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