HTC drifting away from Windows Phone 8?

HTC drifting away from Windows Phone 8?

Looks like HTC is moving away from Windows Phone 8, the Taiwanese media is reporting.

The company has been struggling to compete with Nokia, which has put all of its resources in making phones that run Microsoft’s mobile platform. As I’m writing this, HTC holds less than 5% of the Windows Phone mobile market and has rather decided to focus on Android.

Things were different “back in the days” before Nokia selected Windows Phone as its preferred platform. HTC was the leading Windows Phone 7 device maker but today – Nokia is ruling the day, followed by Samsung and its ATIV series.

It’s likely that HTC won’t officially abandon Microsoft’s platform but we doubt a new HTC Windows Phone 8 device will be released this year. Perhaps they’ll turn to making Windows 8 gear, perhaps not. We’ll make sure to keep our eyes wide open and let you know as soon as we have something new to share. Stay tuned in the meantime…

[via: DigiTimes]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Well it’s not like they’ve made a ton of cash from Windows Phone. Not a biggie…

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