HTC One Max To Ship With Fingerprint Scanner?

With the HTC One Mini landing on AT&T this Friday, we’re pretty sure that the attention will soon be turned to the HTC One Max, the company’s upcoming phablet device. The device has been leaked a few times already, but this time around, we’re seeing the Max with a fingerprint scanner on its backside.

The fingerprint scanner is situated below the device’s UltraPixel camera, and could possibly be used to unlock the device. We’ve seen fingerprint scanners on devices before, but it’s hardly a feature we see that often or if it’s a feature that people actually want on their phones.

Rumors peg the upcoming iPhone 5S to also ship with a fingerprint scanner, possibly embedded into the display itself. If any company could make a fingerprint scanner a feature that people will want to use, it’s Apple. If this is the case, the HTC One Max will be ready to take on one of the iPhone 5S’ newest features.

There’s a good chance that we’ll see the HTC One Max announced relatively soon, so be sure to stay tuned for more info!

[ePrice via BGR]

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